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Gravel bike on the Eroica path 

Gravel bike  day trip is an amazing experience leading you through the path of the most famous gravel roads around  Siena. The tour start from Rapolano Terme.

Riding on the  gravel road until the climb to Monte Sante Marie until to Siena or either the Chianti Area .

What is Eroica:

The Eroica Strade Bianche was born in 1997 as a recreational bike race for vintage bikes only.

This event is still held once a year the day after the professional race on the white gravel roads around Siena.

L’Eroica is the name of the most famous  non competitive vintage bike race.

A race inspired by classic cycling in black and white.

By convention the year 1987 is the borderline between classical cycling and modernity.

The Eroica events is only for Heroic Bicycles or Vintage Style Bicycles.

For Heroic Bikes (or Vintage Bicycles ) we mean all road racing bikes built until 1987.Included both with gearbox and without gearbox, such as those built in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

The white gravel roads

The white gravel roads, characteristic of the tuscan countryside, provide the unique character of the race. They are usually country lanes  called strade bianche or sterrati in Italian, twisting through the hills and vineyards of the Chianti region.

The longest and most arduous sectors are the ones in Lucignano d’Asso (9.5 km) and Asciano (11 km).

Some of the dirt roads are flat, other sections include steep climbs and winding descents, testing riders’ climbing abilities and bike handling skills. Riders who take three Strade Bianche titles have a sector of gravel road named after them.

Fabian Cancellara is the first rider with a stretch named in his honour: sector 8, an 11.5 km section at Monte Sante Marie.

With the modern Gravel bikes you have the opportunity to fully enjoy these roads thanks to their adaptability, versatility and ruggedness that make them the perfect commuter bike, an ideal light touring or audax bike, a great winter training bike, or simply one bike that can tackle any sort of terrain you care to take it along. 



All inclusive fee for each itinerary

2-3 people: Euro 170/each

4-5 people: Euro 140/each

6-8 people: Euro 130/each

9-25 people: Euro 110/each


Bike rental hybrid Gravel Road  Ebike


Bike guidance

Van service for transfer and support

cold water available


Day trips are arranged for a minimum of 3 people If you are only  1 o 2 persons we can arrange a loop from your location ( flexible start point) no van service, with bike rental  & equipment + bike guidance

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Point of departure is flexible depending on clients’ accommodation.  If you are farther away from the point of departure, feel free to ask us for a custom-made itinerary to suit your location or any other special needs you may have

contact us and book the tour


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