Bike tour Pienza

Cycling through Tuscany Crete Senesi countryside to Pienza!!!

Do you like to discover one of the best gravel Eroica roads the one day bike tour to Pienza is what you are looking for.

Cycling on this guided day bike trip, you will be pedaling though one of the most beautiful paved and gravel roads from the Crete Senesi land to Pienza.

We will be crossing villages like San Giovanni D’Asso (famous the withe truffle) , San Quirico D’orcia and Lucignano D’Asso.

During the guided tuor we can visit the Gladiator movie site and the famous small church “Cappella di Vitaleta

We’ll pedal in the heart of the Tuscan countryside  surrounded by landscapes where our eyes will be lost forever.

Once in Pienza we must reward ourselves with an amazing homemade organic gelato!!!

Bike tour Pienza is the right cycling guided tour for discover from the amazing Crete Senesi land and the Orcia Valley.



All inclusive fee for each itinerary

2-3 people: Euro 180/each

4-5 people: Euro 160/each

6-8 people: Euro 140/each

9-12 people: Euro 130/each


Bike rental hybrid Gravel Road  Ebike


Bike guidance

Van service for transfer and support

cold water available


Day trips are arranged for a minimum of 3 people If you are only  1 o 2 persons we can arrange a loop from your location ( flexible start point) no van service, with bike rental  & equipment + bike guidance

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Point of departure is flexible depending on clients’ accommodation.  If you are farther away from the point of departure, feel free to ask us for a custom-made itinerary to suit your location or any other special needs you may have


contact us and book the tour

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