Bike tour Tuscany

Cycling tour in Tuscany

Bike tour Tuscany

Are you looking for a bike tour in Tuscany? Here you are!  We can give you the best experience for a guided bike tour, self-guided tour or for a day bike trip.

We are based in the heart of the province of Siena, and we know very well the area.

If you like discover the real Italian Tuscany style about food and wine and the amazing country side you are in the right place.

We have 10 ears experience and we would like to share our bicycle passion with you.

We can cycle from Siena to Montalcino, Pienza, the Orcia Valley, the Chianti area or the Crete Senesi land until San Gimignano.

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BikeRidingTuscany offers different types of services such as self-guided bike tours, guided bike tours and one-day bike tours.

We offer a different kind of service like Self-guided bike tour, guided bike tour and the onde day bike tour.

If you like the gravel bike we can offer amazing tour on the famous Eroica roads or we can cycling until to Tuscan sea.

Here some review

Ride with Luigi!!!!

Jul 2019

Luigi is the best! We cycled Tuscany with him for a week and wished we could have continued for another week. Luigi truly cared both about our experience and our safety.

He took us to his favorite spots for gelato, stopped daily for a morning cappuccino at my husband’s request, and he shared a wealth of information about Italy along the way.

We have cycled the Croatian islands, Sardinia and in Puglia, but I would repeat this same trip in a heartbeat with Luigi!

Biking Tuscany with Luigi (Gigi)

May 2019 • Couples

My husband, Kurt, and I just spent 6 joyful days biking up and down hills with Gigi, through the beauty of Tuscany, eating fresh, delicious food and drinking local wines…often ending the day with home-made gelato.

Gigi explored the roads and views of Tuscany, and he picked the most spectacular ones for us. He found cozy lodging (every night, we slept with our window wide open, often overlooking wheat blowing in the breeze, and olive trees and grape vines that lined the rolling hills as far as we could see. He found unique restaurants, cafes and gelaterias, and the knows the best meal to order at each! 

The biking was wonderfully challenging (197 miles and 16,862 feet of elevation gain in 6 days).

The trip was special mostly because of Gigi. He is a good man, and he made our days fun. 

These are some of his qualities: 

At the end of the day, when we had a 2-mile hill to climb to get to our Inn, he rode behind me singing little tunes, telling me to look at my tire, not at the top of the hill, telling me to take it slow and steady, all the while telling me stories.

When he finishes a story, he says “and also” (with an Italian accent, of course) and starts another one.

Kurt and I now say “and also” in conversation and smile because it reminds us of Gigi. 

As we approached cars and people, he warned them with a bird-chirping song thing he does. It is so much better than my “passing on the left.” 

Gigi can ride his bike with no hands, take his backpack off, somehow hold it on his legs, take his vest off, put it in his backpack, zip it all up and put it back on without swerving or changing his cadence!

The first time he did this, I was concerned he’d crash, and I fell behind so I wouldn’t hit him.

But then I realized his competence, and it became a daily event that made me smile.

My carbon fiber road bike didn’t quite fit me, so Gigi put on a shorter stem and a seat better suited to my body.

Those changes made it really comfortable. 

Although I ride my road bike regularly at home, I was initially unsteady going down steep hills with tight turns.

Gigi told me to put my left foot up and lean left when turning left, and right foot up and lean right when tuning right.

He biked behind me and said, “left up…right up…left up…” in a caring voice.

When I changed feet on my own, he stopped, but at every turn I heard his voice in my head, and I smiled.

Gigi knows everyone in every town, lodge, restaurant, and cafe. He greats them, and they love chatting with him.

We think this is why we had such great experiences everywhere we went. 

Gigi makes the sun come out and the clouds look beautiful. Ok…this might be an exaggeration, but the riding and views seem better because he was there. 

And then there is his wonderful wife, Simona.

She and Gigi picked us up at the train station and we all bonded immediately.

Simona moved our luggage every day, and we had dinner together the last night.

She is such a love.

Gigi talked to her sometimes during the day (while riding with no hands). We’d hear him tenderly say, “Seemo” or “Seemona” to her.

We will always remember our time in Tuscany with joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces.

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