Hello to all of you who have reached  this page of my blog.

On this page you will find various articles talking about my cycling experiences, what I think about life spent on the pedals.

The hectic lifestyle that is engulfing us, this anxiety to run and run, where you have to do everything in a hurry, eat in a hurry, work  as  there is no tomorrow, etc. led me at a certain point in my life to stop for a moment and analyze what surrounds me .

I saw people running as if they are  inside a hamster wheel, and faster they ran, faster the wheel turned!

So, you have to run faster and faster too!!! 

This doesn’t make sense to me!! So, by slowing down for a moment you can see many beautiful things that you couldn’t see before.

And what is the best way to taste and enjoy the beautiful territory where I live? Simply cycling.

This beautiful, ecological means of transport allows us to move around everywhere while enjoying the view of unspoilt nature and at the same time keeping us healthy, even if the going is tough at times!

The most precious thing we have and which we cannot get back is:


We have to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

I do this by cycling.

So, I was able to combine my passion into a job that allows me to “sell” unique emotions.

Thanks, see you soon.

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