Pici Pasta Tuscan handmade

Pici Pasta Tuscan handmade!!

Pici Pasta Recipe

Pici Pasta Tuscan handmade!! Here is the recipe for Pici.

During the lookdown not being able to pedal we immersed ourselves in our Tuscan culinary tradition!! 

We also included a video of my daughter Greta and my friend Luisa making Pici! According to Luigi, Luisa is the best producer in Pici.

What is Pici pasta? 

Pici is thick, hand-rolled pasta, typically made from only flour and water. Pici originates in the province of Siena in Tuscany; in the Montalcino area.

Pici Recipe

Feeds: 6/8 people


1 kg of “0” flour, water and salt (a little)

  1. Pour the flour and make a small volcano, patting the walls of the volcano well, add a little warm (not hot) water at a time and mix with a fork as shown in the video.
  2. You can continue to mix everything by hand, the dough must be very smooth.
  3. Let it rest for about 30 min.

Then roll it out one piece at a time with a rolling pin.

  1. Cut small strips and then start rolling as in the video, it seems easy but believe me I don’t have it.
  2. When the “PICIO” has been made put it in a container with the corn flour to avoid that they stick together.
  3. After, put them in a tray.


Boil water with salt. throw the Pici Pasta when the water boils and cook them for 7/8 minutes about, depending on if you rolled the PICIO smaller or bigger 

You can eat them with any type of sauce, but with garlic sauce, we call “AGLIONE”, for me it is THE BEST …. but you can do what you like…

Please don’t eat too much, and if one day we’ll meet, we will eat the PICI all together


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