Rental Bike

Rental Bike

You Can’t Buy Happiness.
But You Can Rent a Bike,
and that’s Pretty Close…

Grab your Gear,
and Get out on the Road to
Freedom, Fitness, and Overall Well Being

Rental Bike

Bike Riding Tuscany offers rental bike in Siena Tuscany.

We offer many types of bikes, such as race bikes, hybrid bikes, e-bikes and mountain bikes.

This service is meant for individuals, groups and families that want to enjoy the amazing secondary roads of Siena Province.

We will be glad to provide addictional services to our rent a bike in Siena, such as bikes delivery at your accomodation, Hotel or Villa, bicycle technical assistance and bicycle rescue service, maps and road suggestion for a great ride and great scenery.

The range of  bike routes is very wide.

Also helmet and extra tube are included.

Please contact us a few days prior to your arrival, in order to make sure your bike will be available.

In case you are looking for rent a bike gravel in Siena, you are in the right place!



Bike Riding Tuscany offers also rental E-bike in Siena Tuscany.

E-Bikes are the best choice for people who want to enjoy and discover all the amazing roads of Siena Province without struggling.

All our vehicles in this category have several levels of assistance making the trip safe and relaxing.

If you choose to hire an e-bike with our service of E-bike to rent in Siena Tuscany we will provide you an helmet and extra tubes.

Choose one or more of our safe bike routes for you and your family and discover all the amazing roads of our Region!

rent a bike and go!


Full Carbon fiber.

Shimano Ultegra compact gear.

New for 2019! New Scott Addict Gravel 20/30 with drop handle bar, a cyclocross touring oriented , disc brake and wider tires to enjoy the classic strade bianche in Tuscany: Eroica itinerary and Francigena path.

Our gravel bikes are all brand-new, reliable, and well maintained for your ideal cycling light off-road experience of Tuscany.

Lightweight because of carbon fiber frame, hydraulic disc- brake,these bikes can perform on both the road and off the road.


The E-MTB Trail bikes are here to quench your thirst for the white gravel roads of Tuscany.

They can tackle the steepest of climbs and the most challenging of descents.

With this bike you can enjoy all the gravel roads and the surrounding woods, pedalling to discover the best places in Tuscany.

The roads will no longer be insurmountable.


Maybe the roads are too steep or the places too far away to access with a muscle bike, now you can get where haw you want to go. Regardless of the reason, one thing is certain, once you ride them it is always worth it.


Full Carbon fiber.

Shimano Ultegra or 105 compact gear.

With drop handlebars, these bicycles are built for traveling at higher speeds on paved roads, sometimes referred to as racing bikes.

Our race bikes are all brand-new, reliable, and well maintained for your ideal cycling experience of Italy.

Extremely efficient, incredibly smooth to ride and will take you everywhere with stability after a professional bike fitting session.

Race bike with drop handle bar is strongly suggested if you use regularly those bike!


An ideal hybrid bike to enjoy Tuscany landscape riding on paved roads but also on its marvellous white roads.

This high level electric bike “helps” the cyclist starting automatically the engine while pedalling.


Hybrid bikes blend the characteristics of race bikes and mountain bikes.

Aluminum frame with front carbon fork and components Shimano Deore Hybrids typically have the flat, straight handlebars that provide a fairly upright sitting position and are designed to reduce shoulder and neck fatigue.

More upright position also provides more opportunities to view the beautiful countryside.

Our hybrids are lightweight, with road wheels and narrow road tires for low rolling resistance allowing for greater speed and less exertion when riding on paved roads.


Aluminum frame with front carbon fork components Shimano Deore XT compact.

Our new hybrid disc brake: we put together the disc brake for the stability and the reliability of braking and the compact gear with 42 teeth in the back, an advanced gearing concept that helps maintain rider efficiency.

About disc brake we have the advantage of the power – it generate an incredible amount of stopping power, usually far more than is necessary to adequately stop a road bicycle and Reliable, all weather braking.

For the rest is an hybrid with straight handlebars, lightweight with hybrid wheels ad narrow tires for low rolling resistance allowing for greater speed and less exertion when riding on paved road.

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