San Casciano Bagni  – over gently rolling with one final climb. 

This ride is completely country: for the first 31 km we will ride downhill and very easy gentle rolling hills. We will see Radicofani a medieval and enchanting village with a 1200 dating Rocca.
After we continue to Celle sul Rigo and San Casciano Bagni

The history of San Casciano is strictly connected to the presence of hot waters, with 42 springs, a mean temperature of 42 °C (108 °F) and a daily delivery of 5.5 million litres. According to a legend, the Balnea Clusinae were founded by Porsenna, an Etruscan king of Chiusi. The baths were popular also during the Romanera, Augustus being amongst its users.In the 3rd to 4th centuries a Christian Pieve of St. Mary ad balneo existed in San Casciano. During the Middle Ages it was initially under Lombardrule, and later under the Visconti di Campiglia and the Abbey of San Salvatore. The hot spring where and the beautiful thermal center wait for us. The spa is very old and in town there is impressive town hall of renaissance time. Distance: 30 miles, over gently rolling roads  with one final climb.




All inclusive fee for each itinerary
2-3 people: Euro 170/each
4-5 people: Euro 140/each
6-8 people: Euro 130/each
9-25 people: Euro 110/each


Bike rental hybrid or race  & equipment
bike guidance
van service for transfer and support

cold water available.

Note: Point of departure is flexible depending on clients’ accommodation.  If you are farther away from the point of departure, feel free to ask us for a custom-made itinerary to suit your location or any other special needs you may have.

Day trips are arranged for a minimum of 3 people 

If you are only  2 persons  we can arrange a loop from Castellini in Chianti or from your location ( flexible ), no van service, with bike rental  & equipment + bike guidance


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