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Fundamental rights of the traveler under the EU Decree 2015/2302

  1. Before the conclusion of the contract Travelers will receive all the essential information about the package.
  2. There is always at least one expert responsible for the proper implementation of all the tourist services included in the contract.
  3. An emergency telephone number or contact point address to reach the Organizer or Travel agent will be communicated to the Travelers.
  4. Travelers may transfer the package to another person, subject to reasonable notice and possibly upon payment of additional costs.
  5. The price of the package can be increased only if specific costs increase (for example, fuel prices) and if expressly stated in the contract and, in any case, no later than 20 days before the start of the package. If the price increase is more than 8% of the package price, the Traveler can terminate the contract. If the organizer reserves the right to increase the price, the Traveler is entitled to a price reduction if there is a decrease in the relevant costs.
  6. Travelers may terminate the contract without having to pay termination fees and obtain full repayment of payments if any of the essential elements of the package, other than the price, has changed substantially. If, before the start of the package, the expert responsible for the package cancels the package, Travelers have the right to obtain reimbursement and, where appropriate, indemnity.
  7. Travelers may, under exceptional circumstances, terminate the contract without having to pay termination fees before the start of the package, for example if there are serious safety problems at the place of destination which may affect the package. Furthermore, Travelers may at any time, before the start of the package, withdraw from the contract upon the payment of standard penalties previously accorded or, failing that, the adequate and justifiable penalties calculated pursuant to art. 41, paragraph 1 of the Tourism Code.
  8. If, after the start of the package, substantial elements cannot be provided according to what was agreed, suitable alternative solutions must be offered to the Traveler, without a surcharge. Travelers can withdraw from the contract, without the cost of termination fees, if the services are not performed as agreed and this significantly affects the execution of the package and the organizer has not solved the problem.
  9. Travelers have the right to a price reduction and / or compensation for damages in the event of failure to comply with or incomplete performance of the tourist services.
  10. The Organizer is required to provide assistance if the Traveler is in difficulty.
  11. The Traveler is informed that s/he can underwrite insurance policies to cover the withdrawal penalties by the Traveler or the costs of assistance and repatriation, in case of accident, illness or death. The insurance policies may be indicated by the Organizer as mandatory for their package offers.
  12. For further information on the fundamental rights of the Traveler purchasing travel packages (as defined in Article 32, paragraph 1, letter g of the Tourism Code) refer to Directive (EU) 2015/2302, and of D. Lgs 21.5.2018, n. 62 transposed into local law and published here.

Clients are responsible for selecting a tour suitable for their athletic ability, informing us of any medical or dietary restrictions, signing our release form prior to the start of their tour, and obeying all safe biking rules. BIKERIDINGTUSCANY reserves the right to decline or withhold service to any person who, for physical or other reasons, is deemed unfit for the trip. BIKERIDINGTUSCANY is not responsible for cancellations or amendments due to acts of nature, civil unrest or inclement weather. Every care will be taken to respect your luggage at all times. However, BIKERIDINGTUSCANY is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of your personal belongings.

Your Responsibilities
BIKERIDINGTUSCANY is committed to making your trip as rewarding and fun as possible. But we require your help to do so. For example, we rely on you to provide us with necessary personal information (age, passport & flight details, allergies, etc.) and travel preferences (type of bed, dietary needs, special interests, etc.) so we can craft the right trip for you. We also ask that you respond to our questions in a timely manner so as not to delay the planning process.

Our Responsibilities
BIKERIDINGTUSCANY recognizes the faith and trust you put in us to plan your travel. We will do our utmost to create and deliver the perfect trip for you. Our aim is to provide you with reliable and personalized service. We will respond to your messages promptly and will keep you informed as your itinerary evolves. If at any time you have questions or concerns we ask that you let us know immediately so we can address them.

We just changed our payment condition due to Covid-19 travel situation – a deposit of 100 per person reserves space on the trip (as opposed to our usual 400 Euro for Self guided and 500 euro per Guided tour).

For all tour in 2021 final payment is due 30 days before commencement of the tour.

The tour price is based on double occupancy and includes the services specified in the itinerary plus optional activities listed. Single room requests are subject to supplemental charges, and must be requested at time of booking. The price does not include services and meals not listed specifically in the itinerary.
Final Payment can be made by credit card or wire transfer usually between 30 days to 20 days before the trip. We will remind you of your final payment date in advance and give you the option to pay using any of these methods. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid passport and meet all necessary entry requirements of the country or countries you will be visiting. These requirements vary by country and nationality and can change from time to time. BIKERIDINGTUSCANY will do its best to inform Travelers of these general requirements, but we ask that you contact the appropriate embassy(ies)/consulate(s) in your country of residence. BIKERIDINGTUSCANY is not responsible for delays, changes or costs of any kind due to incomplete, expired or inaccurate Traveller documentation.

BIKERIDINGTUSCANY strongly recommends cancellation and accident insurance to prevent any losses in case of illness, accident or otherwise. It is the responsibility of the client to apply directly to the insurance company in own country. Please purchase trip cancellation insurance in case an illness forces you to cancel or depart early from a trip. Our cancellation fees are not negotiable. 

If you decide to cancel your trip, the following fees apply and are due to BIKERIDINGTUSCANY at the time (prior to departure) we receive written notice (via confirmed e-mail) of your cancellation. No refunds are made for unused portions of the tour once it has began.


10 – 5 DAYS = 30% OF THE PRICE

5 -3 DAYS = 50% OF THE PRICE

2 – 0 DAYS = 100% OF THE PRICE


10 – 5 DAYS = 30% OF THE PRICE

5 -3 DAYS = 50% OF THE PRICE

2 – 0 DAYS = 100% OF THE PRICE

Cancellations made before 30 days prior to departure: booking deposit as processing fee 
the booking deposit amount is changed due to Covid-19 situation: it will be euro 100 per person for tour booked for 2021

Cancellation made 30 days or less prior to departure: 

In Self – Guided bike tour

15- 30 days=25% of trip price

0-15 days=100% of trip price

In Guided bike tour

15 – 30 days= 50% of trip price

0 – 15 days= 100% of trip price

Cancellation and postponement due to COVID-19 conditions and concerns:

Up to 1 month before tour start: the booking deposit of euro 100 per person can be considered voucher and tour can be postponed.
30 to 15 days prior the departure the cost of tour can be kept on account for use for next 12 months
15 to 0 days prior to departure 70 % of funds can be kept on account for use by for next 12 months

Please note, these terms may be amended to be more lenient depending on the COVID-19 global situation at the time of travel in 2021. 

Cancellations by us
In very rare cases it may be necessary for BIKERIDINGTUSCANY to cancel a tour. In the event of cancellation, a full refund will be sent to the client and this constitutes full settlement. BIKERIDINGTUSCANY is not responsible for other expenses incurred such as pre-paid hotel reservations or non-refundable airline tickets.
Scheduled guided tours with low enrollment may be subject to cancellation. Registrants will receive a sixty day notice and full refund or option to move to another scheduled week.

Changes to Your Trip
Clients are allowed to make minor changes to the itinerary once the trip is confirmed, within reason as determined by BIKERIDINGTUSCANY and with sufficient advance notice. We will try our best to accommodate your requests. However, major changes will incur additional planning fees and/or nonrefundable deposit payments in addition to the amount initially quoted. See the ‘Trip Cancellation’ section above for our fees should you need to cancel your trip entirely.

Our accommodations are in excellent four and three-star hotels and country inns. We will do everything in our power to secure you lodgings in our first-choice hotels, but it may not be possible if you are booking less than three months before trip or during a particularly busy season. In that case we will secure you lodgings in comparable hotels. Additional nights can be arranged for early arrivals or late departures.

Payment Conditions
A credit card information is required to hold your rental.
Full payment is due 15 days from the start of the rental.

Cancellation & Refunds
All cancellations must be received in writing or via confirmed email.

Cancellation due to COVID-19: up to 4 days before tour start: 100% of funds can be kept on account for use next 12 months or 50% refund possible.

The following table explains cancellation fees for all bike rentals and associated services:

Days Before Pick Up

Cancellation Fee

15 days and over

nothing is due

14 days or less

100% of rental/service fee

No refunds are possible after the rental begins. Refunds take 2-4 weeks to process from the date written cancellation is received. We reserve the right to cancel a rental prior to pick up for any reason, in which case a full refund will be made if cancellation occurs 30 days or more prior to the scheduled pickup date of the rental. If we are forced to cancel a rental, we will award a 100% refund. Refunds are for rental price only and excludes expenses incurred by customers in instances where BIKERIDINGTUSCANY is forced to cancel a rental.

Delivery Conditions
Renter acknowledges that BIKERIDINGTUSCANY will do its best to deliver and pick up from locations at agreed upon times but force majeure or other exceptional circumstances (unusual traffic on route to drop-off or delivery) may cause delays. Renter agrees to adhere to delivery and pick-up times themselves and authorize BIKERIDINGTUSCANY to charge their credit card if meeting times are not met and additional expenses are incurred due to renter lateness (i.e. staff time, highway tolls, staff meals and lodging, etc). If there are changes to the pick up location or time once the rental has started this must be communicated by confirmed email or direct telephone contact at least 48 hours before the rental equipment is returned to BIKERIDINGTUSCANY.

If delivery location does not allow for easy access by van to drop off or pick up the rental equipment, please make necessary arrangements. We often deliver to beautiful remote villas in rural areas that have 17% grade gravel roads and low-hanging trees. BIKERIDINGTUSCANY is not responsible therefore for any additional time and expense that may accrue if changes in delivery location or means have to be made. It is renter’s responsibility to know whether the pick up and drop of location is acceptable.
Rental Contract to be signed upon delivery whether you are simply renting services.

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