Why coming to cycling in Tuscany

Cycling in Tuscany roads is an amazing experience!!


I was not born in Tuscany but I have  been here  many times on holidays always surprised by this peaceful and very beautiful land.

I’m originally from Bergamo, north of Italy, where I didn’t like to ride a road bike because there is too much traffic, but here is none in the roads of the province of Siena.

Cycling on quiet secondary road is easy here in Siena province

Now when  I leave from home by bicycle  I have many different roads choices, paved one or also a lot of gravel roads.

I can go for a quite ride up and down in the vineyards of the Chianti area. Ride a loop to Montalcino through one of the most scenic streets in Tuscany  or  ride to Siena and through the “Le Crete Senesi” lands.

If i want cyclist for a long ride I can go  through the Orcia Valley or even taking secondary road until to the sea side.Every time you’ll  ride is like the first time because the view and the nature change around you: can be all green in spring time, orange and brown in autumn painted of sunflowers in summertime.

All the colors of the lands and the vineyards are changing during the season so you never be bored here.

Now with the new gravel bike you can also discover the heart of the wonderful countryside by gravel roads we have here around you could pedal through the vineyards savoring the scent of the grapes that will turn into an excellent glass of Brunello or Chianti wine.

With these breathtaking landscape even riding up and down the amazing  hills can be a pleasure!

And do not forget the nice weather that allows you to “ride Tuscany” from march to November…


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